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Latest project completed: Rebuild classrooms for Laxmi Deurali child care 


Project details: Our school rebuild project, Laxmi Deurali child care in Dhikur, Pokhara commenced in December 2018 and completed in April 2019.

The preschool education centre is a community-driven program aimed to provide children with basic reading and writing skills to set them up for success before commencing primary school. 

50% of the children within the community attend the preschool, however, with an additional classroom, more than 80% of the community can attend. The preschool is setting these children on the right educational path. 

Classroom we built in Nepal

Opening classroom doors to all children, will help break the intergenerational cycle of poverty (5).

2 Pairs Project exists to provide children and communities with opportunities to create a brighter future and stop the cycle of poverty.

2 Pairs Project has been working with our local partners, who have been on the ground rebuilding temporary houses in remote regions immediately after the earthquake.

We are now focused on rebuilding schools and providing educational support, as we know and believe education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. 

If it’s a gift or something special for yourself, our jewellery changes lives and it’s because of the people that purchase our jewellery we are able to make a difference and open classroom doors in disadvantaged communities in Nepal.

Project completed: Rebuild Shree Jayabagewory secondary school

Project details: Rebuild permanent earthquake-resistant school building for Shree Jayabagewory secondary school 
People impacted: 315 students ranging from 8-years-old to 17-years-old, 10 teachers and 1 principal
Situation: Education classes were previously conducted in a damaged building with the second level of the school destroyed
Location: Shindupalchok Palchok V.D.C district, three hours from Kathmandu. This district is one of the least developed in Nepal.


Since the April 2015 earthquakes, with the help of the people who purchase our jewellery, we have assisted over 1,500 people impacted by the earthquakes. 

2 Pairs Project makes sure we are impact driven and to prove we are, we track our support and provide detailed information about the life-changing projects taking place.

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