About us


2 Pairs Project works with local artisans in Nepal to design and create handmade jewellery.

From every item sold we donate 100% of the profits to rebuild schools and education programs in Nepal.

We provide children and communities with opportunities to create a brighter future and stop the cycle of poverty.

Jewellery is weighted with meaning; one that the beholder shares and continues, a story of significant sentimental value. Each item changes lives and by purchasing our products, you bring a community’s future to life.

Our jewellery

  • creates jobs
  • rebuilds schools
  • provides educational material
  • funds specialised teachers
  • ethically sourced

    Our approach 

    From our approach to the way we source our jewellery, to how we rebuild education, our focus is on doing things the right way and creating long-term change. 

    We know who makes our jewellery and the condition they're made in - meet our jewelsmith Shyam Shona and learn how his job supports seven family members.  

    Through Shyam's role at 2 Pairs Project, he supports seven family members, including his wife, son, sister in law, younger brothers, and nephews.

    Our approach focuses on:

    Quality Education

    Quality Education

    Community Awareness

    Community Awareness





    Job Creation

    Job Creation



    Meet the man on the ground rebuilding the schools 


    Why education in Nepal is important

    Education and children

    One in four people in Nepal live below the poverty line - which is just AUD $0.70 per day - many struggle to feed themselves and their families (5)

    This is over 6,950,000 people, with majority living in rural communities. For many people this means never leaving the village, unable to attend school, suffer from hunger, and medical issues. 

    Opening classroom doors to all children, will help break the cycle of poverty.

    By educating children this improves:  

    Improving Health


    Reducing Hunger


    Supporting Gender Empowerment

    Gender empowerment

    Increasing Economic Growth

    Economic growth

    Building Peace


    2 Pairs Project makes sure we are impact driven and to prove we are, we track how we are making a difference. 

    Our Impact