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Power in the Proof

Power in the Proof

We pride ourselves on the power of proof. Being able to visit Nepal and determine the next school project is always a privilege (and overwhelming).

Your support in the lead up to Christmas will go along way and help create a brighter future - one that gives a disadvantaged child a choice and an opportunity to create a life breaking away from the cycle of poverty.

Our next potential school rebuild project is Laxmi Deurali child care in Dhikur, Pokhara and really is something special. The preschool education centre is a community-driven program aimed to provide children with basic reading and writing skills to set them up for success before commencing primary school. 

50% of the children within the community attend the preschool, however, with an additional 1 or 2 classrooms, more than 80% of the community can attend. 

I spent time with the teachers and watched as they facilitated interactive class sessions to keep the children engaged and intrigued in learning. Children from the age of 2-7 attend the child care. Once a child completes their study, they will be able to: 

    • write with a pencil 
    • socialise with friends 
    • count
    • draw 
    • know shapes 
    • sing educational songs 
    • dress themselves and tie their shoes 

What makes this school unique, is the involvement of the entire community in setting the school up. Being a community run school, this means the members of the town contribute money to assist in running the school; this includes paying the teachers wages.

The community has found the children perform better at primary school when they attend Laxmi Deurali child care - setting the children up for a successful and bright educational path.

We will continue to provide updates on the school project as we work through the initial phase, so you too can share and be part of the journey. Because without you, we wouldn't be able to do any of this - from the bottom of our heart, thank you for purchasing our jewellery.


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