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New project: Purchase a meaningful gift and help rebuild Shree Jayabagewory secondary school

New project: Purchase a meaningful gift and help rebuild Shree Jayabagewory secondary school

Shree Jayabagewory secondary school is one of many schools impacted by the April 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, which destroyed over 32,000 classrooms (Unicef, 2015).

At present, the 315 students and 10 teachers attending Shree Jayabagewory secondary school run their education classes in a damaged building with the second level of the school destroyed, as shown in the below photo. To accommodate the large number of students, the teachers also conduct classes through temporary learning centres (TLC), which are temporary structures made from bamboo and tin.

This is where 2 Pairs Project comes in. We are working with our community partners in Nepal to raise funds to rebuild permanent classrooms for Shree Jayabagewory secondary school.

100% of funds from every jewellery item sold will be donated to rebuilding an earthquake resistant building for Shree Jayabagewory secondary school. What makes our community partners approach to rebuilding so unique is our whole of community approach.

During the rebuilding process, English classes will be run by volunteers alongside with the teachers at the school. This was identified by the community as an area they would like further support. Our community gatherings and ongoing meetings identified this. We are also hiring locals as part of our rebuilding efforts to teach new building techniques, to build capacity and up-skill locals.

We understand to create a lasting impact, the entire community must be involved in the rebuilding efforts. By engaging the community throughout the rebuilding process, we up-skill community members so they are self-reliant and can be their own change makers.

Our approach involves:

Connect with the community: we work side-by-side with the community, building trust and awareness on the importance of education.

Rebuild through sustainable methods: we rebuild using sustainable building techniques that are cost effective, and earthquake resistant.

Up-skill locals: we teach locals new building methods to provide an additional skill set for the locals to continue to use these methods.

Be a part of our story and community at Shree Jayabagewory secondary school.

If it’s a gift or something special for yourself, our jewellery changes lives and it’s because of the people that purchase our jewellery we are able to make a difference and open classroom doors in disadvantaged communities in Nepal.

If you would like to get involved and assist with fundraising to help us reach our goal to rebuild Shree Jayabagewory secondary school, or would like to volunteer in Nepal to see first-hand the impact on the ground, please email hello@2pairsproject.com.au

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