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Meeting the people we helped

Meeting the people we helped

“I can now die happy knowing I met the person that gave me my home”, said Mayhe Parrier, a 76-year-old widow which 2 Pairs Projects and our community helped provide a place she proudly calls home.

I (Emma) recently returned from Nepal visiting the people 2 Pairs Project initial campaign funded, with the support of the community who donated, helped provide shelter for those most in need, classrooms and back to school needs for students in remote regions.

I don’t think I can express in words this experience; I will try my best to explain just how much of an impact the people who supported the campaign made.

We really have changed people’s lives and I want to tell you exactly what I experienced while visiting the three we helped; Nuwakot, Gorkha and Dhading.

In the Nuwakot district in the town Chaughada we provided 18 houses. This isolated town welcomed me with open arms and were truly grateful for the support provided. I met over 10 of the families and individuals that were provided Temporary Living Centers (TLC).

There were more than 18 families in this town, however, when rebuilding efforts were taking place, the people we supported were the ones that needed it most, this included single elderly women, the sick, families with adults that are unable to work, and families with more than four children.

After Nuwakot, we went to the Gorkha district a town called Hanpur Kaphaldanda. This was one of the most remote areas I have travelled to in my life. It took two bus rides, both five hours and 3 hours of walking to visit this school. So could you image how long it took to provide with town with aid after the earthquakes. 

One person in particular that touched my heart from this town was Myhe Parrier, a 76-year- old widow that was homeless for 14 years, whose sick, unable to work and comes from the the Tamang ethnic group (one of the lowest ethnic groups in Nepal). After the earthquake I was told the community came together and donated Myhe land to build a TLC. Once I met Myhe, she grabbed me, held me tight and said “I can now die happy knowing I met the person that gave me my home”, she began to cry and held me tight for the next 10 minutes. While I was speaking to her through my Nepali friend Om, who was interpreting our conversation, she stared at me with a look I can only explain as genuine gratitude.

We helped over 300 children from the school Jeban Jyty secondary school receive all their back to school needs, which was extremely important in a time where at least 950,000 children in Nepal were not able to return to school, unless damaged school buildings are repaired and school equipment was provided to reopen, according to UNICEF.

In Dhading in a town called Jivanpur Dhaklkhola, we assisted 70 children by rebuilding their classrooms and provided white boards at Shree Chandeswang primary school.

Through the kind support of everyone who supported our initial efforts to raise funds for the people impacted by the earthquake, more than 400 people’s lives have been positively changed. While Nepal still has an immense amount of rebuilding, their spirits remain untouched.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank each of you who helped contribution and look forward to announcing our new Pretty with Purpose collection, to continue to rebuild lives and education in Nepal.

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