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Meet Om our Program Manager in Nepal

Meet Om our Program Manager in Nepal

If you've ever wondered what a beautiful soul looks like - then meet our good friend, and man on the ground Om. 

Born in Nepal with a deep yearning for adventure, Om spends his seasons working in the tourism industry, orchestrating the most exhilarating bike treks for those who want to experience the wonders of the country. 

If you ever have the fortune of meeting Om, you will instantly be drawn into his humble and loving charm, his well mannered nature, and his genuine love for the fellow human. 

Om also cares deeply for education, and has been an instrumental driving force behind 2 Pairs Project.

Even before the earthquakes ravaged through the country - Om wanted to make a difference to the education system in Nepal. 

His goal has been simple; for a lasting impact, the entire community must be involved in rebuilding education facilities and programs. 

Om strongly believes if parents have an awareness on the importance of education and are involved in the rebuilding process, they will likely be inclined to encourage the younger generation to attend and excel in school. 

This has since been recruited as our mantra. 

Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty though education. We collectively believe that teachers, through education, will change the future of children within the villages of Nepal.

Travelling throughout the villages of Nepal, we saw first hand that Om has a gift of connecting with people - wherever we went, people from the villages were draw to him and his message. They were determined to invest their time and resources to make a difference to the lives of the next generation.

As a result of Om's efforts, we had success in rebuilding our first permanent school in Bacheck. We saw an entire community come together to be involved in the rebuilding efforts. Assistance came from the youngest to the eldest member of the community; almost everyone pulled their weight and made it happen. 

Om taught us an important lesson; in order to create lasting change, we must engage the entire community to have a vested interest in the work we were doing.

That is the philosophy behind 2 Pairs Project.


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