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Meaning-full life

Meaning-full life

While traveling I seem to have a reoccurring thought of how people spend their short time on earth; what they experience as social norms and how it shapes their view and understanding of the world around them.

None among us had a choice of where we were born, what culture we were brought up in, and what ideologies we may have been indoctrinated into.

And while there are many polarising opinions and viewpoints within our society and culture; connecting with locals while travelling always reinforces that we (without all the barriers that divide us) are essentially all the same.

No matter how our surroundings have shaped our perspective on life; we all smile, suffer and connect in the same universal language.

We consider ourselves lucky to be born into a society as progressive and free as ours. However, what binds us all together is making a meaningful life for ourselves -no matter the circumstance we find ourselves in.

And that comes down to you, your choices and actions.

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