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It’s about the ‘we’, not just the ‘me’

It’s about the ‘we’, not just the ‘me’

It is my belief that in order to live a good life as a human, all of us share an obligation to leave our world a little better than the way we found it.

This is true regardless what prism you’ve chosen to interpret the world.

This responsibility is especially true for those among us who come from more fortunate parts of the world, like Australia.

Our contributions toward a better world needn’t be grandiose.

Not giving up on being a better version of ourselves, conducting ourselves in a manner that doesn’t impose on the lives and wishes of others, and wherever possible, acting in manner that may relieve or even reduce the suffering of those around us.

These are simple examples among a large list.

As a society, we’ve solved a large majority of problems already, which means countries like ours are filled with opportunities for the taking - these opportunities are great for us as individuals but we, at times, focus so hard on ourselves we forget/neglect the collective - the part of the world that isn’t ‘me’ but ‘we’.

I’ve lived an incredibly fortunate life thus far, the quality of life I now enjoy has been partly due to the choices I’ve made, partly due to luck and partly due to the those that have invested their precious time in me.

It’s this investment of time that has been the main catalyst for my belief that we all have a responsibility to give back and to continue the cycle of making the world a better place.

Over the past four years, 2 Pairs Project has worked with significantly underprivileged communities within a ‘post-earthquake’ Nepal.

So far, we’ve successfully completed the rebuild of 200 temporary houses right after the earthquakes, rebuilt 4 schools, 6 classrooms and supplied over 480 children and teachers with school equipment.

These projects provide significant investment toward local community engagement and of course employment during the course of the rebuilding efforts.

Not to mention, 100’s of happy kids!

This is what a collective effort looks like, these projects are made possible by special people, like you who purchase our jewellery along with the unbelievably generous folk who have dug deep to make donations time and time again, and of course the team and volunteers on the ground.

To each and everyone of you, thank you, you’re an inspiration to keep going.

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